Artists Notes

Welcome, welcome, welcome and thank you for for spending time perusing Grandmother Turtle, a hive of creativity and love driven by a deep passion and compassion for all things birth and death.


I wanted to join you here and share some additional information some of which is deeply sensitive and will come with a trigger warning in advance. Whilst there is an abundance of choice, the possibilities are endless and I receive many requests for bespoke pieces away from what you see here and I welcome this. If you have your beloved pet’s fur or feather and would like that encapsulated into a timeless piece and have a different design idea, please do email me and I will arrange a call at a suitable time for both of us. Equally if there is something on the site but not in the section you are looking in please contact me as designs can be made across all fields.


# Trigger Warning

There are some things that just cannot be said elsewhere on the site but I wish to share with you in relation to baby loss. Sadly we do not always have the remains of a child lost. This may be due to miscarriage. If this is the case and you have colostrum or breastmilk I can still make a beautiful keepsake for you. Cleo’s Heart and the Angel Feathers can still be made with the tiniest amount. We can create something very special together holding the memory of your little angel.

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